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By no means “experts,” Stephanie and Eric Spett, two Dallas-born 40-somethings, emerged from their divorce not just intact, but somehow friends. Let’s go with friendly. Their kiddos, Eli and Sadie, are dealing with it as well as t/weens will. Some might call it thriving. And the family is figuring out their new normal apart—while working on it together—as a family. While seemingly contradictory and confusing, it’s working. Kinda like crying so hard, you laugh. Incidentally, there was a lot of that, too.

Stephanie and Eric acknowledge it takes rising above the anger, pain, disappointment and disgust to put their kids’ needs first! They have developed a new appreciation, and to some degree, admiration for each other now that they’re on the other side of it—though by no means want back in! To the marriage, that is.

Yet, without expertise or credentials of any kind, they feel compelled to share their newfound insights with others—to begin to ease the stigma and burden of divorce—and help accomplish what so many couples may inevitably face in a more amicable and productive way. Or at the very least, with minimal “shitty-ness,” as Stephanie likes to say.

The only podcast hosted by a formerly married couple, DIVORCE DONE WELL is Stephanie and Eric’s call-to-action to individuals and couples contemplating, undergoing, finalizing and post-divorce. And frankly, it’s a good dose of “reality check” for those in otherwise happy marriages. 

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