From Divorce to Divorce Done Well: A podcast begins where a marriage ends

How does a divorced couple decide to do a podcast…together? This is an excellent question. It’s been a process, I can tell you that. When Eric and I first separated and then divorced, I never would’ve imagined sitting across from him in a studio talking about the ins and outs of how we handle being divorced day to day, I would have said, “no eff’ing way!” But here we are, now 22 episodes in.

After we signed those papers, there was a shift. We could breathe. We were settled, at least financially. The rest was—and is–unchartered. But that is when we both stopped being so angry at each other and really started to co-parent. We were doing ok navigating how to be parents to our kids and not acting like total assholes to each other. I broached the subject of a podcast with Eric. He had to think on it, like he does most things. He then asked how we can monetize it? I promised him that one day we would be on the Today Show (still waiting, anyone know anyone??) And we just dove in. 

Unfortunately, we have so seen so many situations where divorce ruined our friends and the kids. We vowed we would never do that. We always say we are NOT experts, we just wanted to show people that there is different, kinder way to be divorced. It’s not perfect. We still argue, but we always circle back; something we could never seem to do when we were married. So on April 22, 2019 we hit the air waves and it’s been quite the ride.

Some of the topics we discuss are the usual suspects that arise when marriages end and that tend to be sources of friction for couples getting divorced: money, custody, living arrangements, the kids’ schedule, what to do with the family dog, holidays, vacationing, birthday celebrations, shared friends’ celebrations, dealing with your in-laws once divorced, dating as divorcees… and so much more! 

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Our best,

Steph & Eric

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